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The Archive of Market and Social Research

What is the AMSR?

The Archive of Market and Social Research will shortly be able to offer a marvellous national resource for all those interested in market and social research.  That interest may be in the thinking behind key techniques.

  • how these techniques were arrived at,
  • how the research industry in the UK developed,
  • the contributions made by key industry personnel,
  • or the world as described by research studies. 

This will start to become available from late 2017. 

This material will be of value to current practitioners of research, both users and suppliers; to media organisations; and to students not only of the history of research and the research industry but to students of the history of social attitudes and consumer behaviour which many of the documents will describe.

It is intended that in time the archive will contain significant studies, technical developments, survey results and biographical details and key documents, including published papers, journals, books and newsletters covering the fields of UK market and social research over the last 70 years.

Since WWII the UK has been one of the leading countries, if not the leading country, in the development and use of qualitative and quantitative survey research to measure people’s behaviour and attitudes in order to advise social policy and marketing action.  Such research has now become a major part of everyday life, affecting all activities including our food, drink, lifestyles, media, finance, travel, and social attitudes.

But surprisingly, there is no comprehensive record of the development of the industry, nor its impact on society.  The AMSR is aiming to collect relevant papers, publications and memories before they are lost for ever.

Currently the AMSR is collecting as much material as possible relating to its areas of interest with the intention of professionally housing and curating it for the benefit of the research community.

The AMSR is supported by leading industry figures and key organisations including The Market Research Society (MRS), The Association of Qualitative Researchers (AQR), and The Social Research Association (SRA).


Supporters and Sponsors


"The AMSR is a much needed resource for the research industry. When it is set up it will be of inestimable value to all those who want to find out about research and the industry now and over the last 70 years."

(Jane Frost, CEO Market Research Society)