AMSR Newsletter December 2016
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AMSR signs with HAT

Sunday, December 11th, 2016

We’ve signed up with HAT

The Archive has reached an agreement with the History of Advertising Trust to provide archive facilities for AMSR material, including books, journals magazines and papers relevant to the development and history of market and social research.

Next year, researchers will be able to search the material stored at HAT on both the AMSR and HAT websites, as well as by telephone or visiting HAT at their offices in Raveningham, Norfolk. Scanned images of much of this material, as well as further documents, which will not be stored at HAT in physical form, will be available via the AMSR website.

We believe that there will be synergies between the material stored in the two archives. HAT already receives about 100 enquiries a week from commercial sources, students and academics.

For more information about HAT look at its website.

History of Advertising Trust

"The AMSR is much needed resource for the research industry. When it is set up it will be of inestimable value to all those who want to find out about research and the industry now and over the last 70 years. "

(Jane Frost, CEO Market Research Society )