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How Do I Donate Material?

If you have any material that you think ought to be in the archive, please notify Bryan Bates and Phyllis Vangelder, by e-mailing

Our priorities currently are to collect:

  • Commentary/Journal of Market Research/International Journal of Market Research.  Our collection is almost complete particularly for the more recent years.
  • MRS Newsletter/Research Magazine, 1966-2000.  Our collection is mostly compete but there are still some gaps. Tell us what you have.
  • Survey Magazine.
  • Biographies of leading practitioners of the 1940s to 1980s.

Following that we will be looking for:

  • Papers delivered at MRS Annual Conferences
  • Papers delivered at subject-specific MRS Seminars
  • Continuous Studies: Reports from TGI, NRS, TV and JICTAR Audience Panels, as well as technical supporting material detailing techniques.
  • Mintel Reports
  • Office for National Statistics (ONS) Reports
  • Office of Population Censuses and Surveys (OPCS) Reports
  • Industry specific material: Reports and techniques from eg for advertising, media (TV, radio, print, poster, etc., e.g. Thomson Award Papers), packaging, product development and testing, travel and tourism (eg BNTS- British National Tourism Survey), financial services, the professions (eg law, accountancy), opinion polls (political and other), public sector/government, education, healthcare, pharmaceutical.
  • Research applications: client briefings and relationships, analysis, presentations, graphics, marketing relevance.
  • MRS Yearbooks/Research Buyers’ Guides • Organisations: Research company ownership, management, and performance
  • AMSO, ABMRC, AURA, AQRP data, mergers and acquisitions

    If the material has not previously been published, we will need to know who owns the copyright to it before we can make it public.

Do you remember poring over research data tables, transcripts and reports in order to find that compelling story that would reveal some hitherto unknown truths about how the world works?  Have you held on to any of this, or know where it might be stored?  Let us know what you have got where it might be found and we'll assess it and take in to the archive if we can.

Or if you have some old books about research and how to do it that you no longer use, send us a list and we'll add them to the library when we can. 

Dr Sheila Keegan and Dr Alan Branthwaite, pictured right, have both recently given us some of the material that they have held, which will now go into the archive.

"Making this archive available to those who will usher in future developments will enable them to learn from the past and refine practices to meet the needs of a changing world."

(Peter Goudge FMRS)