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On the move to Harrow

Monday, June 12th, 2017

We will always be profoundly grateful to Network Research, and particularly Ginny Monk and her Office Manager Brian Suckling, for the space and support they have given to the Archive throughout its crucial formative months. However, now that we have recruited more volunteers for the digitising and cataloguing tasks, and have collected more books, journals, and other research materials, extra space is undoubtedly needed. 

It is therefore much appreciated that Ipsos MORI have now offered us a much larger room on the 7th floor of their Operations Centre in Harrow. At 10ft x 15ft, it is twice the size of our existing room at Network Research and we can have access on five days a week at any time during the working hours of 9-5.

The Ipsos MORI office relaxation area

The move to these Ipsos MORI offices will take place during June. They are within 400 yards of Harrow-on-the-Hill bus and tube stations, the latter providing an easy journey via the Metropolitan and Jubilee lines from central London. 

We are very grateful to Ben Page, Shaun Fisher and Robert O’Neill at Ipsos MORI for making this new space available to the Archive.  But as it finally becomes a fully-stocked and accessible reality, we will always remember and recognise Ginny, Brian and Network Research as being among the first of those who helped to make the Archive happen.

"The AMSR is much needed resource for the research industry. When it is set up it will be of inestimable value to all those who want to find out about research and the industry now and over the last 70 years. "

(Jane Frost, CEO Market Research Society )