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Sir Robert Worcester and Geoffrey Roughton to be our first Founding Gold Patrons

Monday, June 12th, 2017

AMSR has identified various supporter categories and Patrons are very special individuals or organisations who have made outstanding contributions to AMSR, either financially or in other practical ways. We are very proud that Sir Robert Worcester and Geoffrey Roughton have agreed to become our first Founding Gold Patrons.

To any audience of market and social researchers, Bob Worcester needs no introduction. He is also a well-known public figure in British public opinion research and political circles.  He is renowned as an authoritative media commentator, especially about voting intentions in British and American elections.

He founded MORI, then a joint venture of ORC (Opinion Research Corporation) in 1969, becoming the joint owner four years later. Following the sale of MORI to the French research company Ipsos in October 2005, he became Chairman of Ipsos Public Affairs Research Advisory Board and an International Director of the Ipsos Group. Subsequently, in 2007 he became Senior Advisor to Ipsos MORI.

Sir Robert was appointed KBE in 2005 in recognition of ‘outstanding services rendered to political, social and economic research and for contribution to government policy and programmes’.

He has made an outstanding contribution to academic and public life. He was Chancellor of the University of Kent 2007-2014, is an Emeritus Governor of the LSE and Visiting Professor in the Government Department and is also Visiting Professor in the Institute of Contemporary British History at King’s College London and Honorary Professor in the Department of Political and International Studies at Warwick University. Sir Robert is an Honorary Fellow of the LSE and King’s College London and holds six honorary degrees and the Distinguished Graduate Award of the University of Kansas.

He became a Patron of The Market Research Society in 2012.

Among his many public offices he is Deputy Chairman and Trustee of the Magna Carta Trust and chaired the Magna Carta 2015 800th Anniversary Commemoration Committee.

He is closely involved in the county of Kent. He and his wife Margaret live at the 13th century Allington Castle on the River Medway in Kent, and he is a Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Kent.

We are very grateful for the support Sir Robert has given to the Archive, not only financially, but by donating a complete set of British Public Opinion and other valuable archive material. we look forward to his continuing involvement in the work of the Archive.

Geoffrey Roughton was one of the ‘three wise’ people who conceived the Archive, before its current position as an active and vibrant charity. John Downham, Liz Nelson and Geoffrey laid the foundations of AMSR – they were the ‘grandparents’ of the idea  and we are delighted that Geoffrey now becomes comes one of our distinguished Founding Gold Patrons.

Geoffrey’s career in market research began in 1955 with Television Audience Measurement Ltd which started the first metered TV audience measurement service in Europe. He went on to found MAS Research Ltd in 957 (later absorbed into TNS). He was MAS’s Director in charge of The Londoner, which was the first major survey in Britain (and Europe) to be analysed on a computer and then MAS became the first market research company to have its own computer (an IBM 1130) on its own premises. After selling MAS he joined Alan Hendrickson in Pulse Train Ltd in 1986. He went on to become Chairman and CEO of Pulse Train Ltd in 1998 before being joined by Pat Molloy and going on to merge Pulse Train with Confirmit AS in 2007. He is now embarking on a third career as Chief Executive Officer of X-MR.

Geoffrey believes strongly that we have a debt to the next generation of researchers to make them aware of where they are coming from. He says, “We make history by what we do; we pass it to future generations by recording it and making those records readily available…not just for researchers, but society as a whole”.

In addition to his generous financial contribution to the Archive, Geoffrey is responsible for the scanning system given to AMSR by the former shareholders of Pulse Train Ltd in memory of Alan Hendrickson. The material, now being scanned by volunteers before it goes to the HAT, is the bedrock of our Archive collection.