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How does it work?

AMSR is now in the process of setting up the archive, and accumulating material.  We expect to be able to start making material available in late 2017.

collage 1_Page_1Priority has been given to certain material such as journals and newsletters which will form the bedrock of the collection and we are well on the way to having a comprehensive set.  There is considerable material available from organisations such as the Market Research Society, although there are still gaps that we are seeking to fill.  We shall then move on to begin collecting other material such as conference and seminar papers, training material, and, of course, reports that show the progress of British society, its behaviour, attitudes and tastes over the last 70 years. 

There is an initial agreement for the archive to be housed at the professionally managed and secure premises of the History of Advertising Trust, where documents will be available to anyone who wishes to consult them. Material that is already in digital format will be available online, and we hope to digitise as much of the paper copies as possible.  We cannot, however, begin to move material to the HAT until we know that we have funds secured to cover the HAT’s costs for the foreseeable future.

Initially we were housing material in space kindly given over to us by Network Research, but have recently moved that operation to space kindly donated by Ipsos MORI. There we are sorting and digitising as much material as we can with physical material being sent to the HAT.

Second copies of certain key publications are also housed at the Market Research Society in London.