Nuggets from the Archive
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The Archive is a rich source of information about how the research industry has changed or impacted on society, or has simply recorded the ever-evolving world in which we live.

Here are just some of the nuggets from the Archive.

  1. How we eat

How research has tracked the changing tastes of the British diner over the years drawing on the National Food Survey, the Family Food Panel and others.  Click here for more

2.  Trade off model

Do you make lists of pros and cons when you can’t make decisions about, for instance, holidays, choosing a new place to live, or changing work direction? You may, without realising it, be using the Trade-off Model.  Click here for more

3. Researching Children

On 26 January 2017, The Market Research Society is holding a Conference on ‘Kids and Youth Research’, showcasing how research among young people delivers deeper insight.

Market and social research has long been concerned with insight, not only into children’s behaviour and attitudes, but also those of their parents, for example, mothers embarking on motherhood and the anxious early days of caring for young children.  Click here for more.

4. Census and geodemographics

 The modern origins of census and geodemographic analysis go back to the mid 1970s and to early work done in the public sector.  While at the Centre for Environmental Studies, Richard Webber carried out studies of deprivation within Liverpool and the London boroughs of Haringey and Camden, using cluster analysis of census variables to show that different types of deprivation existed in different neighbourhoods.  Richard went on to build the Classification of Residential Neighbourhoods (CRN), which was a national classification of census wards. Click here for more.

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5. Healthy Living

The MRS is holding a Seminar in February looking at health, fitness and wellbeing and what can be done to drive behaviour and define a well-being agenda. Today we are deluged with healthy living advice – on food habits, exercise and stress-reducing behaviour. There is a plethora of health clubs, new apps to encourage good habits, and articles galore, not only in specialised publications, but in mass and social media.  Consumers are often confused about what is healthy and what is not. Market and social research can help in unpacking the contradictions and understanding people’s behaviour and attitudes, helping not only to build great brands, but making a valuable evidence-based contribution to societal well-being...

Click here for more.


These are only some of the fascinating data we are collecting for the Archive. Watch the website for further ‘nuggets’ and if you have any relevant material you can donate please contact Phyllis Vangelder (; tel: 020 8904 2019).

"The AMSR is much needed resource for the research industry. When it is set up it will be of inestimable value to all those who want to find out about research and the industry now and over the last 70 years. "

(Jane Frost, CEO Market Research Society. )