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Who we are

The Archive was set up by a number of senior members of the research industry, concerned that the knowledge gained over the preceding 70 years was in danger of being lost to future researchers.  The charity is overseen by our Board of Trustees, and the day to day management of the AMSR is the responsibility of the Executive Committee.

Trustee Board

Chair: Dr. Liz Nelson

Peter Bartram

Ian Brace

John Downham

Jane Frost CBE

Raz Khan

Judie Lannon

Simon Patterson

Adam Phillips

Phyllis Vangelder


Executive Committee

Chair: Adam Phillips

Treasurer: Raz Khan

Secretary and Marketing: Ian Brace

Content: Peter Bartram and Phyllis Vangelder

Governance: Adam Phillips



Volunteer help is given by a number of other people.  Our thanks go to Colin McDonald and Peter Mouncey, Simone Williams at Flamingo, and particularly to Ipsos MORI for providing facilities and to Virginia Monk at Network Research for all her help.  We also thank Jane Frost, CEO of the Market Research Society for her advice and support and that of her staff.  Special thanks go to Tony Cowling and Ruth Betts.

Administrative support is provided by Gill Wareing.

"The AMSR is much needed resource for the research industry. When it is set up it will be of inestimable value to all those who want to find out about research and the industry now and over the last 70 years."

(Jane Frost, CEO Market Research Society)