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What is the AMSR?

The Archive of Market and Social Research is both a history of UK market research and UK history through market research.

History of Market Research

For the first time a comprehensive collection of historic materials will be held in one place.  It will cover how the industry in the UK developed and the role played by significant individuals, organisations and companies.  The development of techniques will be catalogued and made available for reference and study.

History Through Market Research

Since WWII the UK has been one of the leading countries in the development and use of qualitative and quantitative survey research to measure people’s behaviour and attitudes.  Such research has now become a major part of everyday life, affecting all activities including our food, drink, lifestyles, media, finance, travel, and social attitudes.  The archive will provide access to major studies detailing UK social history.

Currently the AMSR is collecting as much material as possible relating to its areas of interest with the intention of professionally housing and curating it for the benefit of the research community and wider audiences.

What Will Be in the Archive?

The archive will contain significant studies, technical developments, survey results and biographical details and key documents, including published papers, journals, books and newsletters covering the fields of UK market and social research over the last 70 years.

Longitudinal surveys covering commercial, social and attitudinal topics.

Case studies showing how research has been used to effect commercial and social change.

Published thinking on research techniques and their uses available from a single source.

A long run of polling statistics.

Historical documents charting the story of the market and social research industries.

These will be of interest to:

          Research companies and research practitioners

          Creative and media agencies and marketing consultancies

          Academics and students

          Anyone interested in UK social history

How will the Archive work?

AMSR is now in the process of setting up the archive, and accumulating material.  We expect to be able to start making material available via a fully searchable database in October 2017.