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What it is, how it works, who’s involved and how you can play a part in our exciting development. Click the links to get more information. You can also short-cut to these pages from the drop down menus under ‘The AMSR’ and ‘Support’.


About the AMSR

Our background and mission – read more

Contribute material

If you have material that you think would be of interest to the archive, this is what to do next.



We depend on the voluntary contributions of a wide range of people from all corners of the industry. Find out how to do your bit!

Get the most out of the Archive

Ready to dive in? If you’re new to the Archive, it’s worth reading our guide first – it could save you a lot of time.


The AMSR Hub

In July 2022 we created a new resource for researchers, academics, marketers – anyone seeking important but elusive information. The AMSR Hub brings together more than 50 resources from around the world and puts them just a couple of clicks away from your mouse. All links open in new pages so you can always find your way back to the AMSR portal site.