Volunteer with the AMSR

The Archive of Market and Social Research is maintained and operated by over 50 volunteers. We are a mix of old, not so old and even young, with a range of professional backgrounds and skills. What we have in common is an interest in and enthusiasm for building the archive into the important ‘go-to’ place for market research documents covering the past 70 or more years. The other thing we have in common is that we all find ‘working’ for the archive an interesting, satisfying and (gently) challenging experience.

photo of two women inspecting documents

Could you help?

We would welcome more volunteers with open arms. There’s a wide range of opportunities, from marketing and fundraising to scanning, indexing and uploading. Click the red button above to see the skills we’re currently most in need of. AMSR is fortunate to have a dedicated room made available to us at Ipsos MORI during office hours, but for the past 18 months much of our work has been done remotely. You can also find out more about the effect that Covid-19 is currently having upon our working arrangements.

The work varies in the degree of intellectual challenge, but whatever your contribution, the rewards come in enjoying the work with like-minded colleagues and the satisfaction of contributing to such a worthwhile project.

If you would like to join in this, please email us or use the contact page on this website to send us a message about the way in which you feel you might be able to help.

We are hugely grateful for the contributions of all those who currently volunteer with the Archive of Market and Social Research:

Ken Baker
Peter Bartram
Professor Patrick Barwise
Robin Birn
Jill Bowden-Boyle
Ian Brace
Caroline Callahan
Inger Christensen
Rebecca Cole
Paddy Costigan
Lucy Davison
John Downham
Christine Eborall

Roy Evans
Mike Fernie
Felicity Fitzgerald
Jane Frost CBE
Jonathan Garland
Kay Garmeson
Paul Gebara
Caroline Groves
John Kelly
Raz Khan
Barry Leventhal
Phyllis Macfarlane
Colin McDonald

Pat Molloy
Nick Moon
Joe Murat
Graham Mytton
Dr. Elizabeth Nelson OBE
Simon Patterson
Valentia Perillo
Adam Phillips
Sarjan Ram
Sheila Robinson
Sue Robson
Jim Rothman
Lynn Scrivener

Shannon Sinclair
Patten Smith
Judith Staig
Wendy Sykes
Philip Talmage
Nick Tanner
Phyllis Vangelder
Pam Walker
Judith Wardle
Gill Wareing
Geoff Wicken
Joly Zou