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The Archive of Market and Social Research has a great deal to offer, whether your interest is academic, historical, commercial – or perhaps you are simply keen to expand your knowledge. We’re continually adding to the Archive and this Archive Content section of the website has been created to give a flavour of the range and scope of the material held in the main archive site.

The Digital Archive

This is the repository of all our material – in searchable digital format, comprising reports, published papers, journals, books and newsletters on UK market and social research over the last 90 or more years. It includes research studies, survey results, technical developments, state-of-the-art reviews, biographical details and key historical documents, many of which have never been publicly available before. New material is constantly being added.

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These short pieces are based on information held in the archive and aim to demonstrate that there is no such thing as ‘out-of-date research’ – however long ago the work was originally commissioned, these data are ready to add insight for those eager to explore the dynamics of change. We hope you enjoy browsing through our stories – and please check back from time to time as we regularly add new material here.

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Video Gallery

This is a selection of videos by and/or about the AMSR. They include conference sessions, webinar recordings and short interviews. You can browse through them all or select any events that may particularly interest you.

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Oral Histories

The AMSR is delighted to take on responsibility for hosting the oral histories on behalf of the Research Network. This is an extremely important resource relating to the history of market research. To date, 35 interviews with eminent figures of the industry are available for you to listen to. They all contain fascinating and often personal insights into the early days of market research and the many ways in which the sector has developed over the past decades. Some of the interviewees are sadly no longer with us, making these recordings even more valuable as unique sources of information and as a form of memorial.

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AMSR Publications

The AMSR is releasing a series of books on the theme of Showcasing the Archive. The first of these is now available to purchase with a small donation to the AMSR, or to download as a free PDF/e-Book. Don’t forget to check back as we’ll be adding to our publications library soon!

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