Business Development Head

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Head of Development – The Archive of Market and Social Research


For nearly 100 years the market and social research industry has tracked what consumers and citizens do and think, playing a crucial role in business and public-sector decision making. But this treasure trove of high quality data was largely inaccessible to academics, educators and researchers, as it was stored on servers and in filing cabinets belonging to many disparate companies, organisations and individuals. Now, AMSR is coordinating the profession’s efforts to preserve and repurpose our data and insight to make them available for academic and other researchers wishing to understand the relationship between modern social history and commercial and government activity and their impact on each other.

AMSR is a registered charity which, since its inception in 2016, has already secured and catalogued important market and social research work from the past to the present day. Over 8,000 reports, datasets and documents have been collected into a single, searchable resource, freely available online to academics, teachers, students and other researchers.

The role

Development is responsible for raising funds for AMSR and attracting contributions of material for the Archive. These two activities go together, since the same senior people are usually responsible for both. It manages AMSR’s relationships with individuals and organisations who are sources or potential sources of funding or content for the Archive. It works in close cooperation with Marketing. The number of users of AMSR is doubling every 2-3 years and the number of relationships we are managing is also growing at about the same rate. We are looking for someone to lead this team, which is currently led by the Chief Executive, who will help us maintain our growth rate.

Until now funding has mainly come from individuals and a select number of companies in the market research sector. Now that the number of users is growing and the use of the archive for education is becoming established, we believe that attracting more corporate sponsorship, from agencies and clients, and grants from educational charities will be increasingly important to us. We need someone who can lead the team and drive this expansion of our development strategy.


Almost everyone working in AMSR is a volunteer. We are looking for someone who:

  • is comfortable dealing with senior individuals
  • has experience of working with research at a senior level
  • has business development and marketing experience
  • enjoys working in a team – everyone is a volunteer
  • is used to working with social media.

Some previous experience of fundraising, and of making applications for grants would be very useful.

The job

Most meetings are via Zoom. The job can be done mainly from home and averages 4-5 days per month, although there will need to be some face-to-face meetings with e.g. major donors, at conferences, and some management meetings.

The job is unpaid, but expenses for essential travel are paid.


If you would like know more about this role please email Gill Wareing.

You can find out more about AMSR here on our website.

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