AMSR publications

The AMSR is publishing a series of books on the theme of ‘Showcasing the Archive’. Each publication will demonstrate the richness and variety of material available in the Archive of Market and Social Research.

In June 2023 we released our third book, entitled ‘Researching the public: post-war policy, politics and polling’.

We’re also pleased to offer ‘The Life in Research’, an informative and entertaining guide to the activities, opportunities and pitfalls of a career in research – all proceeds from sales of this book go direct to AMSR.

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Each book is available in hard copy to purchase by clicking the item you wish to buy below. Please also consider making a small donation to the AMSR in recognition of the volunteer effort that goes into producing them. This option is included in the purchase mechanism for the printed version, or you can visit our ‘Donate’ page.

Each book is also available as a free download in PDF format (with the exception of ‘The Life in Research’). Again, any donation to offset our costs in preparing and making these documents available would be much appreciated.

Thank you.