Televisions and telephones in the 1970s.

When TGI was first published in 1969, ‘streaming’ referred to the cold for which you had to visit the chemist for your Beechams Powders, and the nearest thing to an instant message was the telegram.  The TV medium was well-established nonetheless – over 90% of respondents reported the presence of a ‘television set’ in home, although they were almost all viewing programmes in black and white.  Just 1% had a colour television.  Barely one-third of respondents (35% in fact) had a telephone in their home, and it would not be until 1975 that this figure passed 50%.  Two years later in 1977 a majority of homes were also watching television in colour.  They wouldn’t have used the term, but over half of the population now had access to “communications technology” that would be recognisable to a modern consumer.

Long-term trend analysis of TGI data, including the historical data held within the Archive for Market and Social Research (AMSR), lets us see how consumer behaviours have evolved, and consider how they might consider to do so.