The victory of a new product format: Packet Tea and Tea Bags.

When making tea, we almost all routinely reach for tea bags.  Some would argue that packeted variety offers the tea-drinker a better experience, and that the greater level of effort is worthwhile.  Even so, that might only apply when we have the time or inclination for the ritual.  It was not ever thus.

As recently as 1970, over 90% of housewives were using packet tea; penetration of the new-fangled tea bags had just reached 30%.  But the convenience of tea bags soon won the day.

Usage of the two headed in opposite directions, and the trend lines soon crossed, with tea bags overhauling packet tea in 1977.

The more recent challenge to flat tea bags by pyramids feels like a minor skirmish by comparison.

Source: GB TGI

Source: GB TGI

Long-term trend analysis of TGI data, including the historical data held within the Archive for Market and Social Research (AMSR), lets us see how consumer behaviours have evolved, and consider how they might consider to do so.