AMSR: The Archive of Market and Social Research

The AMSR is a living, searchable archive of high quality research data and commentary. Drawn from the output of respected practitioners over many decades, it forms an inspiring source of insight for those seeking to explore the dynamics of change – in the past, the present and crucially, for the future. This website provides direct access to the complete archive.

We recommend that you read our page on ‘How to get the most out of the Archive’ – particularly if you are new to the AMSR.

Who can access the AMSR?

The archive is a resource for everyone, and anyone can access it by registering at the archive portal page. The archive contents will be of particular interest to:

• Educators and students, academic institutions

• Research practitioners

• Business and marketing consultants

• Industry associations

The long-term trend data contained in the TGI Trackback volumes, for example, place health, diet purchasing patterns in the late 20th Century in sharp relief. We have a long run of polling statistics and many other measures that will be of interest and value to anyone charting the recent past and planning for the future of our society.

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What does the archive contain?

The AMSR comprises major studies detailing UK social history, originally conducted by some of the best-known names in research. It is both a history of market and social research and our history through market and social research.

The archive contains market and social research material embracing books, research journals, data abstracts and conference papers. The sources include sector-leading organisations such as MORI, TGI, NOP, MIllward Brown and the Market Research Society, to name just a few. Data goes back as far as WWII. It is the perfect place to uncover original context against which to set think pieces and proposals for future work.

A sample of the archive’s highlights will always be featured at the top of the home page – click any image to link directly to a case study. But there is much more to the archive than these, and the place to start any search is by browsing through the archive’s home page and using the word search facility. We add new material regularly so please subscribe to our newsletter (link to newsletter sign-up) to discover our latest additions.

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Who supports the AMSR?

The AMSR is funded by a growing body of committed supporters who pledge – generally for a three year period or more – a sum of money to enable the AMSR to continue the work of making the valuable contents of the archive available to those who wish to access them. Sponsors generally have an interest in promoting the work that of the market research sector, and the AMSR’s sponsorship structure provides opportunities for anyone from a large organisation to an individual to play their part.

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Donate, volunteer and keep in touch


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The AMSR is a much needed resource for the research industry… it will be of inestimable value to all those who want to find out about research and the industry now and over the last 70 years.

Jane Frost, CEO, Market Research Society