The AMSR Catalogue

SheetNameDescriptionCodesCollection Alias
3BPOBritish Public Opinion newsletter (published by MORI)BP/p21050coll8
BBC World Service Audience ResearchBBC World Service documnts donated by Graham MyttonBWS
4CensusPublications etc. relating to the CensusCE/p21050coll19
5Company reports and PRResearch company reports and PR documentsCPR/p21050coll26
6Conference papersConference papers/publicationsC/p21050coll7
7CRAM CollectionPaper from the archive of CRAM (Cooper Research and Marketing)CRAM/CRAM-reports
8Field supplementsField supplements to the MRS NewsletterFNNot in digital archive
9GeodemographicsGeodemographic materialGEO/p21050coll3
10GuidesGuides, codes of conduct, best practice manualsG/p21050coll21
11Journals, miscellaneous issuesStand-alone issues of journals not in a seriesJV/p21050coll23
12Millward Brown files`Knowledge Points' and otherMB/p21050coll17
13MORI reportsMORI reports etc.MOR/p21050coll12
14MR AbstractsMarket Research AbstractsAB/p21050coll5
15MRDFMarket Research Development Fund publicationsDF/p21050coll4
16Newsletters (MRS)The MRS NewsletterN/p21050coll2
17Newsletters (AURA)News from AURANA/p21050coll20
18Newsletters, variousMiscellaneous issues of institutional newslettersNV/p21050coll22
19NOP ReportsNOP Political, Social, Economic ReportsNOR/p21050coll18
20Opinion Poll ReportsPublished reports from opinion pollsOP/opinion-polls
21Papers and offprintsStand-alone miscellaneous papers and offprintsP/p21050coll15
22Press cuttings & articlesStand-alone articles and press cuttings from various publicationsPCA/p21050coll24
23Proposals and tendersProposals, tenders and pitchesPT/p21050coll25
24Qualitative journalsJournals, newsletters etc. on psychology/qualitative subjectsDF/p21050coll14
25Reports of projectsReports of research projects in public domain or out of copyrightR/p21050coll16
26Research MagazineResearch Magazine, published by MRSRM/p21050coll10
27Statistics journalsJournals of the Royal Statistical Society, Institute of Statistics etc.SJ/p21050coll6
28Survey MagazineSurvey Magazine, published by MRSSY/p21050coll1
29Survey Methods (SCPR)Survey Methods newsletter, published by SCPRSM/p21050coll13
30TGITarget Group IndexTG/p21050coll11
31The MRS JournalCommentary, later Journal of the Market Research Society, later International Journal of Market Research (digitised up to 1990)JM, IJMR/MRS-Journal